We give shape to your sporting feats

Who we are


We are sports lovers, photographers, creatives and 3D printer buffs. We’re slightly nerdy and passionate wonderers who love bringing their dreams to life. We love challenges on the road and in life. We’re curious about what tomorrow will bring and immersed in today.

Behind every Heroad there is a story, a journey and aa great feat to remember.

HERO – We know that every challenge has its legend, every feat its hero or heroine.

ROAD – We know that every journey has its destination, every dream a road to reach it..

What do we do

We give shape to your sporting memories and to your feats, whether large or small. We render your dream route, climb and downhill tangible.

We want to turn every drop of sweat, every curse when the last kilometre never seemed to end, to become a tangible object that you can treasure, give as a gift, share or collect, just like your greatest and most heroic feats.

We make uniquely designed 3D objects to render the emotions of your feats even more memorable. We create trophies for your glory, because, regardless of whether large or small, there is a champion who deserves to be celebrated in every one of us.

Designed by Greatness

You design your great feat
We make it material and design
But without nature and its majesty we - all of us - would be nothing.

Sometimes we are forced on our rollers, like hamsters, undertaking challenges in our homes connected with an app. But the truth is that it is only outdoors, in nature, that we truly feel at ease.

It’s only in nature that we feel our feats truly come to life, out in the sun, rain or wind, anticipating the beauty hidden behind the next bend.


If it’s true that there is an athlete in everyone, it’s even truer that there is a feat in everyone.


We are committed to producing our objects with sustainable materials and limiting our impact on the planet as much as possible. The planet is our true and only playing field.


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All our products are made with biodegradable materials.


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100% MADE in ITALY